Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rusty's Back!!

Yep, here he is.  Parked at the back of the house in his usual place again after another bout of MAJOR heart surgery by me.  The rain stopped for long enough yesterday for me to run my home made electric lamp outside and be able to see what I had to do and fix him!

The whole gear selector cable mechanism collapsed & I couldn't get ANY gears at all and so had to put him into 2nd gear from under the bonnet and limp him home.  It was quite funny and rather distressing at the same time.  Distressing because, well, doing 20-25mph on major roads with your hazard lights flashing and not knowing that you'll overheat or run out of fuel isn't good, it's sort of funny because you spend more time looking in your wing mirrors and every time you look there's an increasing cue of cars behind you.

Whilst I spent most of the journey back home saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" out loud, that was interspaced by my saying "at least it makes a change from being stuck in a queue behind a slow moving bloody caravan doesn't it?!?!?!".   ....Welcome to the world of A Man With A Van!

This is the tiny little cable mechanism that failed and caused so much distress.  The rusty clip on the right of the pic popped off and the bit on the left of the pic is the aluminium plate & nuts & bolts I had to engineer myself to keep the end of the cable on it's ball joint.  (Boring eh?)

....anyway, it works and now Rusty the van, Sally, monza the dog and I can all continue on our ongoing (Bonkers) adventures.  Keep checking in!

Monday, 5 October 2015

What happens when the gear box is out of action!?......

What happens when the gear box is out of action on a big white rusty van!? well....I had to stop. that is what happens. then I have to lift the bonnet and have a look inside. If you are not a trained have no chance.

Just coming home from helping a customer move from a storage locker to his new flat....fortunately I had already dropped off the customer. ...I got the gears into second......and gingerly drove rusty van back along country roads at 25 miles an I was the slow irritating one on the lovely roads on which I would put my foot down into corners......everyone hang on......but not today.

I eventually got home about one hour after I was expected. I was only about ten miles away fortunately.

About two years ago I fixed the gearbox by making a cable and a bit of gigggerypokery with a new day the cable decided to come gears. No driving of van.
I took the offending clip into the house to show Sally.

Is that it! It is tiny!

Well that is it. And without this tiny thing holding together the gear box on rusty van we ain't go in, anywhere.

So we went no where as it is raining, I have rigged up a light and then well rained. Not fancing being under rusty van in the rain with a self rigged up electric light.