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Garage Clearance - A Man With A Van - Leeds
 addition to A Man With A Van, we also provide a Really Useful Garage Clearance Service.

If you're lucky enough to have a garage, chances are that like me, there's a lot of "stuff" in there that (being honest!) you've just stowed away in there that you really don't need or and probably won't actually EVER get around to using or fixing.

Basically, it's in the way .....everybodys way!!
There's usually a number of reasons that once it's sitting there that it's NEVER got rid of :-
1. It won't fit in the car
2. Can't be bothered to
3. It's too expensive now
4. I still like it / It's useful
5. It's a HUGE amount!
A number of things can be recycled/repurposed or taken to charity shops. This can reduce the cost of just taking everything to the tip as it means that the overall weight is reduced. The weight is where the council takes its charges from....
Our charge for taking everything away for you is not as expensive as you might imagine.
...and just think about the space you'll recover or what it might be like to be able to put your car back in your garage again!!

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