Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The end.

 The doors...This is the end. My Beautiful friend the end. or something like that. I do not know this song.....my wife said this was the end. .....It is the end of the road for my www.vanandaman.co.uk....and you know ...it is a relief. I no longer have the worry of living below the poverty line....
 How do I know this! well the government....yes the government......states that £113.00 is the minimum that a couple can live on in a week.....we earn nothing like that most weeks. For the last four years....we have averaged £100.00 a week...and that would be a really good week.......My wife has one pair of boots and some flip flops from the £1.00 shop. I have one lot of working stinking trainers which make my feet hurt and I got them out of a skip....not even the right size, but I made do.
 So this really is the end........... My wife...Sally has signed me on to Job seekers allowance. .....she also has applied for and registered me for paid jobs.
Sally is ill. I am not much better.
Time to give in and find something else.
Sally phoned the Macmillan help line in desperation as we have no gas or electricity....that would be again.....
I went and borrowed a tenner from my dad. There is no such thing as an emergency loan any more.......

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

garage clearance...in fact clear everything! ... your junk....


    * Great Prices* Friendly Service
    * Light Removals
    * Student Removals
    * Garage Clearance
    * Tip License

    * Commercial & Business

Garage Clearance - A Man With A Van - Leeds
 addition to A Man With A Van, we also provide a Really Useful Garage Clearance Service.

If you're lucky enough to have a garage, chances are that like me, there's a lot of "stuff" in there that (being honest!) you've just stowed away in there that you really don't need or and probably won't actually EVER get around to using or fixing.

Basically, it's in the way .....everybodys way!!
There's usually a number of reasons that once it's sitting there that it's NEVER got rid of :-
1. It won't fit in the car
2. Can't be bothered to
3. It's too expensive now
4. I still like it / It's useful
5. It's a HUGE amount!
A number of things can be recycled/repurposed or taken to charity shops. This can reduce the cost of just taking everything to the tip as it means that the overall weight is reduced. The weight is where the council takes its charges from....
Our charge for taking everything away for you is not as expensive as you might imagine.
...and just think about the space you'll recover or what it might be like to be able to put your car back in your garage again!!

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