Tuesday, 6 January 2015

up early to make a bed

up early. Well that would be early for me. 6,30am. That is very early for me. I am leaving my warm bed to go and make up a bed for a customer.
Good old Ikea. Where would we be without them? Well I would have a lot less work that is for sure.
Good old Ikea. I rescued a neighbour yesterday. He needed an Ikea unit screwing to the wall, a telly bracket and and areil connecting. Very pleased he was too.....he can now watch the main telly in peace without arguments from his son.

Sally had a phone call from the police. Do not worry said the officer.....we are looking for a van man to recommend in our police magazine.
The advert was designed and going to print after an hour. So look out for me. I am on radio leeds quite often too..as they call me for a comment or two about white vanning. Leeds white van Lee Taylor! Well look out for me in neighbourhood watch magazines as well.
I like a good recommendation!
Something new to put on my website.
Out into the damp winter morning.....should be able to add photos later.
Happy new year.

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