Friday, 30 January 2015

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Out to Skipton and Pendle. AND Elizabeth ! was crowned today in 1559. Did you know that!?

We were up and out before the sun. We needed to be in Skipton for 8am. 
It was still dark when leaving Yeadon and heading down to Queensway  towards Guiseley....a lovely sharp morning.My hands turned to ice taking off the van blanket protection before setting off......
Good old van started first time, so wrapping him up last night was well worth the effort.
 Monza the dog nearly barked himself into a froth with excitement when I backed the van down to pick him up......
The excitement of going across the moors had Monza jumping all over the front of the van, onto Sally and nearly clawing open the passenger window....then there were sheep too. 
He is now asleep on the sofa after a four hour round trip out to Pendle area and across the moors.

The snow has all gone. It rained and winded all night, as we crossed the moors the sun came up and it turned into a beautiful sunny day, with clear views for miles. To Monza That was much moorland filled with sheep....
We arrived at Skipton to load in plenty of time and then off again further out to Lancashire........My wife was with me today.
This would be how I learned that Elizabeth the First of England was crowned on this day in 1559, and that a bloke called John Dee chose this day through a complicated astrology chart that he compiled specially.
Also it is Princess Michael of Kent's I learned that this lady is descended from both Catherine De Medici and her husband's Mistress Diane De Poitiers. That would be Catherine De Medici's husband....just to make that clear before I get sued by royalty......
 In fact she has written a book all about it. Sally now wants this book.....still hey ho back to vanning.        this is my website which I designed is a website about my van business. you will not be finding any history here just some very reasonable pricing and helpful hints for your move.

of course as were passing through Pendle and the famous Pendle hill, I was also regaled with the Pendle witches. Poor things did not come out of it all too well. ...So who needs a working radio!? I have a wife called Sally who likes a good story.

We delivered to Nelson, Lancashire, and then home past Otley, looking out for fire wood all the way....we eventually got some old palletts from Guiseley which I am sawing up to burn in the woodburner tonight.
a good old van day. this is how work should be.
                                    Early knock on. Early knock off and a beer.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The one about the wind turbine

So. What am I doing!? This is a question I often get asked when I am outside by my workshop. Well to day I am making a wind turbine out of an old bike.
I get to use my big sparky metal cutters. I get to make lots of pretty sparks.....
This was the bike.....Aquired from a customer, who just wanted rid! a treasure to be remodeled.
Here I am trying to explain to Sally, my wife.
basically....I hope to build a wind turbine from junk and old bits of this and that....with this wind turbine I hope to generate electricity.
so there. now you know what I am doing too.......

North to Alaska.......

 A little sprinkle of snow looks very pretty. This little sprinkle was also very slippy. I know this. I walked Monza The big dog earlier. I saw "walked" it would be more of a slide along behind a wild bear.
I had one small job with . I move a big corner sofa. As you see I dressed for the occassion.
 The day looks very warm and beautiful. It is in fact freezing cold and beautiful, with low bright sun when driving......a lot like an expedition.....actually that would be how I would expect an expedition to be, as the furtherest North I have been is scotland. And yes that was a bit of an expedition. I spent Four days and nights in Glasgow putting up and removing an exhibition....

 Yeadon Tarn.....

A lovely sugar coated world today. I have now wrapped the van up in blankets. I have an idea that this is just the beginning.......
I have taken jobs for the next few days.....This fab fur hat could come in very useful me thinks.

Saturday, 10 January 2015
Two local jobs in the last couple of days. Moved a very sweet policeman this morning. now onto making fire wood and tieing down the house.
the wind is very very very strong. I thought Monza\the dog and I were out for a"mary Poppins" over yeadon yesterday. I had to screw the front door shut as it rattled so much. Now I can not get to the post in the front porch. On well usually bills anyway

Thursday, 8 January 2015

up and going to Morley.

Morley this morning. Sally is thinking "market". I am thinking junk removal......customers.....and money.
Yesterday I had a good day. Amongst the stuff a customer was throwing out was a working microwave. To me this is a piece of dismantle fodder. I will be making a spot I need a spot welder? No not really. Though I like to reperpose......
Hey and the magnets from inside are great fun to make sculptures out of.....

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

up early to make a bed
up early. Well that would be early for me. 6,30am. That is very early for me. I am leaving my warm bed to go and make up a bed for a customer.
Good old Ikea. Where would we be without them? Well I would have a lot less work that is for sure.
Good old Ikea. I rescued a neighbour yesterday. He needed an Ikea unit screwing to the wall, a telly bracket and and areil connecting. Very pleased he was too.....he can now watch the main telly in peace without arguments from his son.

Sally had a phone call from the police. Do not worry said the officer.....we are looking for a van man to recommend in our police magazine.
The advert was designed and going to print after an hour. So look out for me. I am on radio leeds quite often they call me for a comment or two about white vanning. Leeds white van Lee Taylor! Well look out for me in neighbourhood watch magazines as well.
I like a good recommendation!
Something new to put on my website.
Out into the damp winter morning.....should be able to add photos later.
Happy new year.