Sunday, 21 December 2014 over to ilkley.

Very arty rain today. The irritating damping kind. Moving a customer from Guiseley to ilkley..
 I was hoping for snow. Believe it or not it is far easier to deal with than rain.and for that matter it looks much better too.
 More romantic.
With long as it is new, the customers stuff does not get ruined either.still never mind.

 There were plenty of people to help and we managed to keep moving quickly.
the whole job took only a couple of hours as we all moved very very slickly in the freezing cold rain. customer happy. Money in wallet.
sally and Monza the dog also came along. Monza did some barking and Sally helped out with some of the smaller stuff. she then wandered off to discover Mydleton lodge. For sally this was a very exciting discovery. the ancestral home of the Middleton's back in the 1500's. Of course they are related to American emigrates
.Sally has a soft spot for. The Mauleverers. So she was regaling me with her find all the way back to Otley
 The main house was originally started in the 1500's. the main stair case is by all accounts original!...any way the main house is for sale at just over two and a half million.

Sally loves it and wants me to buy it NOW! well as it goes I am the full asking price short at this time. Must get some more van work quickly. I wonder how long It will take to earn that kind of money as !!!????
Part of the estate is now a catholic retreat.....very quiet and thoughtful.......
 The only (slight) down side to it is the cost....and it is very remote. Sally would love it for a while and then wish she lived nearer to the junk shops in Otley....
speeking of which......

On the way back home we stopped off at Otley. We did the usual Weegeman's the butchers and then on to the 99p shops.......sally spotted two Cabbage patch kids......I bought her one. I really wish I got them both I will never hear the end of it if it is not there when I am nagged to go back on Monday.....

This one came complete with clothes and shoes....which are not in this photo as they are being washed. this doll is from 2004. sally already has one from 1978.
Christmas is upon is a father is coming over to shop. had better sneek back to Otley first thing and get the other one.............

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  1. Fantastic Discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must buy the castle for sally!!! think of it... a drawing room!!!!!!!! and a huge garden.... a snug..... how happy it would be!!!! well, cabbage patch girl is the sweetest... what a perfect day!!!