Tuesday, 16 December 2014

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 up early fortunately. The dog alarm had gone off. Out I went into the fresh Bracing morning, monza dog had his contetutionals...... I had a swift ciggy, then made tea. Just in time for the phone to ring at 7.30 am. What's the matter with people? This one left a voice mail, sounding as if she was used to people jumping and then asking if that was high enough. Sally said I had to call back.....Now.....as we need the work. I called back at 9am in business hours. Was informed that another van man had called her straight back at 7.30. ShE booked him to move and chauffer her student daughter...including packing boxes for student too. Good luck to him.the student types have definitely changed...this one couldn't make her own booking or pack a box.
Out to Collingham. Very nice lady moving in with boyfriend. Her little dog attracted a bark from monza, and the move took an hour.next. Over to Otley to collect metal.

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