Sunday, 21 December 2014

I think I have a job on monday

I think I have a job on monday. Only thing is I have no pick up or delivery. No text and no email.
Happy is upon me
 I feel like going out in full Santa outfit. I did that one christmas one commented. Some did not notice in the supermarket.
Getting the van a pair of antlers....I saw some on a car. This is the way to go I thought.

Having a little trouble with a new neighbour. He thinks he can yell and swear at me. I have a big van. He has noticed through his drunken haze. And yes I park it at the back of MY house.
Tomorrow it will have antlers too. Wonder how he cope with that stumbling along from the pub, yelling and swearing.
Merry christmas.
Yes I did have a job. I got the from and too address and set off into the wind and rain. I found my reindeer hat with antlers. I do not look silly at all. the customer did not actually comment....jaw dropped a bit. mind you it is warm!
sally did not come with me. she has gone to see the landlords for neighbour. never hack off a woman who had a mastectomy. never swear at any woman, especially my wife.

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