Tuesday, 23 September 2014

out on the van with Monza and Sally......

Up for 7am. drinking tea for just after that....and then walking to get a new fan belt..Well...I hear you cry....WHAT IS UNUSUAL about that!? you should be up at 7am you lazy sod.

 Work has been a bit thin on the ground lately, and my wife has been a bit ill and therefore is not up at 5am to clean. Happy days ! then really being in bed late gets boring...and then ....guess what suddenly I am liking it!
 Yesterday I got two bookings....so up I am to buy this fan belt and get myself on the road.
Job one....out to Morley and Birstall. sally and Monza came too....could not do a right lot but could set up the GPS system!

 Lovely sunny day too. customer a chatty chap with a girly long haired german sheperd. very lovely too....and he will need me again to move it all again in two weeks. I .love repeat customers with German sheperd dogs. my fave.

After the excitement of everyone out...just like the old days...I took Sally and Monza home and did the second job on my own....no need to push my luck!
Whilst gone...a certain kitchen company called ...wanting NOW!
sally said he will be about an hour...
okay I will call you back madame Hitler said.
they called back. sally said....I did not think you employed us anymore.
well the work is in fits and starts and it can take ages to load......
well that is no good then is it!?
last job Lee had to take off because he needed to get back to you...
NOT the way I heard the story. The salesman very rudely told him to wait as he was drinking coffee.....
Oh well I do not get involved.
NO....I would not if I were you.

Now I know That nothing gets past that one. I have been on the other end of her tongue. she knows.
sally called me....I said...
I am NOT going to jump for them. sod em......either I work for a company or I do not...
                        It has been four weeks since I last had a job for them. I can not and will not believe that they had nothing to deliver for the last four weeks.

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