Sunday, 21 September 2014

Busy making wind turbines and wine racks

 busy making wind turbines and wine racks , I explained how to reverse a hoover engine using magnets to Monza the dog. As you can see he was none plussed.
Here I am in Otley church.....after going to the butchers and junk shops........really very busy doing not a right lot

making sparks......
building wine racks for all the home brew. We also made nettle beer. This I would never recommend. Even I could only take one sip. I pored it onto the garden. It killed all of the weeds on the path, so that saved me a job at least. so now I have loads of spare bottles.

Last night we tested the nettle is in the fridge now. hopefully it will be better chilled. If out what you get for christmas.
A long while since I wrote this blog...the van business is now almost defunct. the jobs I now get are usually local, most customers are fine. others complain because I am only one man.....nothing changes there then. expecting to pay peanuts to move heaven and sometimes the earth as a "can you just".....
As the van is now  so old and rusty it can not even get as far as York.   Today......which is Sunday, I am going to wash the old dear and put on a new fan belt.
correction on the fan belt. I spent the money on shopping, as we have no van is more important.
The phone rang at about 1pm. Was I available NOW!? I quoted £60.00. How bloody much said caller!?....will not be hearing from them again then.
This time last year we were really busy delivering for a local kitchen company this year and especially this month they just stopped calling
Why? Firstly the word on the street is that they are going to the wall. Funnily enough other local companies are stacked out with business...... I know as I have made sure they have my card.....
This Un named kitchens company...
Well the last job I did for them was off loaded at their own warehouse. I HAD loaded it half hour before.....then got told to wait whilst the salesman drank coffee with his mate/customer. I tried to politely gee him Along.
.no....chance..just got told to wait again.....rudely.
So I did wait a further 20 minutes.....
Then said Sod it
And took it all back off the van.
That. Was that. By the way this was a £30.00 local delivery which should have taken 20 minutes in total!
The job before that was for the same salesman.....he called at 7'30 am wanting a delivery NOW!
The day before I had told him that I was taking my wife to a hospital appointment.
I reminded him
F###!he said.
Later just as we had parked the van and walking towards hospital......the phone rang again.
Same salesman...wanting a delivery now now now.
I reexplained the situation.
F###.....he said
I said I could do his delivery at lunchtime.
F### he said.
So that was pretty much my career delivering kitchens..
My wife is now much improved. The end of July she was diagnosed With breast cancer. Has since had  a mastectomy. This certain kitchen company phoned up to find out how she was.
My wife got out three words before being cut off by their office Hitler....
Must go she said.....really busy!
must be coffee time said Sally. probably going to contemplate how she is going to pay her mortgage when they actually do go to the wall.......
Word is that it will not be long.

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