Monday, 22 September 2014

A monday in September.

 I called my dad. The fan belt has gone on the van and I have no work and therefore no money. The powers that be say I work full time and therefore qualify for no benefits. this is even though my wife has had surgery and can not work yet.....okay you buggers how do I pay my mortgage and bills!?
 So I called my dad. Without a fan belt on the van I have no chance of going anywhere.. Dad met me at the supermarket. Dad is not a happy bunny as he just paid out for two tiny little rubber things for the suspension on his Skoda. He went to the dealership...what the hell does He expect.....he did not even think to let me have a look at putting them on! over £3oo.00 the bill was. some people you really can not tell anything too.....
My dad is one of them. Having done the supermarket, had smoke blown in my face as he got off the bus and then watched him imitate a dog followed by a computer key board I had enough.
I supposed to try and get the mortgage rate reduced. I could not face another phone call being passed around again.
crap pox and bugger.
Then the phone rang. job one for Morley. Monza  and sally can come....just like the old days...
then it rang again...job number Kirkstall!
MUST FIX THAT FAN BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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