Friday, 24 February 2012 has a birthday

yesterday.....that is the day before my next 18th birthday...i went out to Chapelallerton hospital for my check and blood test.I am suposed to stop smoking and drinking. oh hum. well the drinking is Bavaria and Becks blue are lovely cold in a bottle from the fridge.I dont really miss the  alchohol, and i do like something beer like to drink. However the smoking is a real problem...i have been a smoker since i was fifteen and find it really hard to stop. I have cut down to ten a day...this is a miracle for me...but i still smoke! the doctors gave me a new prescription and a steroid injection.I went into hospital a grumpy pain ridden heap, and got to wait an hour..which made me more grumpy, more pain ridden and wanting a ciggy. I came out with a numb back end and a very lot of tablets.
I then went to guiseley to move a lady to Roberts wharfe in leeds. my customer was a marketing lady.....sally is now revamping!!!! i am being marketed. i hope it will not hurt.
23rd february was my birthday. so i had a day out and a proper drink. my blood tests came back okay....te he.

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