Sunday, 22 January 2012

a very good week and a suprise .....

the good week is that i had some customers for fact some really lovley customers.i have been all over leeds and to manchester.the suprise is that i gave up smoking and drinking.
this was quite a suprise to me mostly. i had my hospital appointment at chapelallerton hospital where i am being treated for rhumatoid arthritis. last week i also went for an ultrasound scan on my heart. i have a faulty heart valve...i have had it since birth. it sounds like a scwish instead of a beat.
my appointment was with doctor becky. i like doctor becky as she explains and is funny too. now i have rhumatoid arthritis, a faulty heart valve, which is beginning to stick so not functioning properly...and a long smoking habit going back to 14 years old and a drinking habit that goes back to 16 years old. these things are not a good combination. something has to choise would be the arthritis and the heart valve...but i am stuck with them! so drinking and smoking it is then.
i have been started on methotrexate  and for this i cannot drink as the pills and alchohol destroy liver. the smoking is bad too...well generally...but especially if your have arthritis and a dicky heart.
i currently have herbal ciggys and bavaris non alchol long will this last!
my new pills i start today. the list of side effects is endless and so we had roast chicken etc for sunday lunch. we dont normally do i only take these pills once a week sunday is the best here goes.... 

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