Thursday, 5 January 2012

a man with a van: a man and a barking to london

5th of january 2012. oh what a goody day. i love it when a plan comes readers. i woke up this morning with a carling headache .....and very high winds. that would be the weather me. high sided vehicle all over the roads blown over and crashing ...trees all over the roads causing chaos....radios off air and no planes in the air....traffic lights out and road works.
customer over in middleton called....just to make sure. i asked if it needed to be today. yes said my customer. i am all packed.
right said van man. lets go for it then. so off we went to middleton...over the otherside of leeds. monza...sally and lee in the wind that blows high sided vehicles over.
like i said. i have a headache. difficult to know if its the pills that rattle in my insides or the fact that i like a tinny...anyway.....i moved my customer. the van door got ripped at by the wind. so time was spent taking off the fitting for the door to make it hey oh. job done. customer happy and i got a fridge freezer for the man with a van mobile rang my trousers and ...yes...i am going to london in a 7.5 tonner......
a great photo oportunity me thinks....... 

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