Saturday, 7 January 2012

a man and a barking van out and about in leeds...
here i am Lee Taylor a man with a van. 2012 is looking really good so far...if a little extreme. today so far...i have moved a coffin, a house frontage....this is for a play called "our house" based on guess what!? .....
a very lot of boxes, a large mechanical hairdressing sink(with no electrical luv!) a fruit machine and lastly a sofa......a SOFA! would be more the mark. damn heavy thing that the customer informed me....took 3 lads to get it in.......well it took sally and me to get it out again.....!!
home now. fed monza. and lighting the wood burner.
tinny in hand i have booked the extra van for hire for panicking customer....saved the world this van man.
ciggy now and watch a film me thinks.
oh and a customer wanting to book and go to bath from Bradford. i cant blame em for that! customer knocked me down on price...because sally wants to go. customer told me her best price.....and would i match it!? sally want to go...what does a van man say!?
today an email came through......loads and loads of BOOKS....great big stairs to take books up...extra insurance.....crap and pox...taking the michael me thinks. okay so sally lived there and wants to show me around. ....not being rippped off over it! lady will have the email tonight. plenty of time to book the quote i suposidly matched.....

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