Monday, 9 January 2012

just the one load......

my mission is to deliver to olympia london for the bett education show. the lady organizing has had a very hard time with this one.all i have to do is and deliver.poor lady organizing it has a budget. why!? i dont she found out if you pay well you get loyalty and all the help you need. if you cut costs you get stuck. this is whats happened i think. the stand for this show cost them a whoping 100.00 thou. some of the kit going is worth a life or the show cannot go ahead with out and then they look daft to their customers. i have worked for this company a few times. they are always generous and hired me for the duration of big shows...i get put up in a travelodge near. it works out cheaper and much less hassle rather than 2 journeys...delivering and picking up again. plus i stay with their stuff and look after it. this is the important bit!
any way...load....deliver....ah! security passes have been overlooked by the organisers. the hammersmith fly over is i need this low immitions thing!? i need congestion charge paid!? im setting off in a few hours...
just drive...lee xxx

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