Saturday, 29 September 2012

Now this is how work should be!

 I've spent a few hours this afternoon moving big bits of furniture between Leathley (just towards Harrogate out of Pool-in-Wharfedale) and into Otley Centre, just next to the church.   ...lovely sunny day, scenery & customer!
 I do consider myself VERY lucky on days like these....
 ahhh the beauty of the Wharfe Valley.
We're lucky, very lucky to live just over the brow of the horizon you can see here which is called Otley Chevin.
 The customer today was relatively unrushed, polite, personable and friendly.  ....a great job on a lovely day for   it's when things like this happen that you sort of think that maybe things aren't so bad after all!!!

Between all of my jobs with the van this week, I've been working really hard and frantic on getting operational and presentable.  Now, give me a choice between sitting in front of a computer all day OR driving around on a day like today.  Hmmmmm...!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Otley church.......the door was open

 the door was in i went
 a lot of atmosphere and beautiful stained glass
 beautiful colours and light
 stone carvings

as far as i can find out there has been a worship site here for ever. each built on the other....prominent families and locals all christened..married and then buried here.

otley....a quicky.

 lizzie armestead silver medalist from otley....most pubs had congrats or welcome. great to the red lion by the way..great pub and garden.....
 old market...not been here for ages. a bit of a treat to see it so well....
 statue in the covered market....then out the back door to the church which was open for once and i got in to have a look...
a lot of atmosphere and artefacts...the best church i been to in a while. i like finding little gems and this is certainly one...