Saturday, 31 December 2011

a man and a barking van...

up and putting up my new website    my van man shop  ...and there i was having a smoke in peace and the phone goes...can i take 2 very large paintings to otley.....yes of course...
so off we went. sally , lee and monza the dog. monza started barking the second the van started up and then proceeded to bark at every gog all the way to beeston. i can tell you there are a very lot of dogs between here and beeston....monza is not a very polite dog...his barks shake the earth and make the van rock.
so i arrived to pick up in a barking van.
the customer turned out to be an artist. in his words crap made out of junk....just bought an old shop in otley. a divine project complete with woodburner, rocking chair, enclosed garden stable doors and a very lot of old shop logos and signs. did i like it !? just a lot! i told him all about my diy skills and took his money. he just got a tutorial job at st. martins school of art london.....not bad new years eve.
we were going to ignore it and go to bed. now we have beer and wine and some more cigs for me.i bought monza a new ball too.
home now. woodburner on. tinny in hand and watching telly. had a bit of a play with updated cubecart and am generally very pleased with my van man self.
happy new year to you all. the omens are all good so far.

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